Recent Publications

Adler, M. (Accepted). The keeper of the collections and the Delta Collection: Regulating obscenity at the Library of Congress, 1940-1963, Special issue—Gender in Education and Information Studies: Interrogating Knowledge Production, Social Structures and Equitable Access, Interactions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies.

Adler, M. (2015). ‘Let’s not homosexualize the library stacks’: Liberating gays in the library catalog, 1970-1988. Journal of the History of Sexuality 44(3), 478-507.

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Joo, S., Choi, I., & Choi, N. (2018). Topic analysis of the research domain in knowledge organization: A latent Dirichlet allocation approach. Knowledge Organization, 45(2), 170-182.

Savage, M. W., Scarduzio, J. A., Carlyle, K. E., Harris, K. L., & Sheff, S. E. (in press). News Stories of Intimate Partner Violence: An Experimental Examination of Participant Sex, Perpetrator Sex, and Violence Severity on Seriousness, Sympathy, and Punishment Preferences. Health Communication.

Record, R. A., Helme, D., Harrington, N. G., & Savage, M. W. (in press). Let's clear the air: A campaign that effectively increased compliance with a university’s tobacco-free policy. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Record, R. A., Helme, D., Harrington, N. G., & Savage, M. W. (in press). Using the theory of planned behavior to guide focus group development of messages aimed at increasing compliance with a tobacco-free policy.  American Journal of Health Promotion.