Recent Publications

Savage, M. W., Scarduzio, J. A., Carlyle, K. E., Harris, K. L., & Sheff, S. E. (in press). News Stories of Intimate Partner Violence: An Experimental Examination of Participant Sex, Perpetrator Sex, and Violence Severity on Seriousness, Sympathy, and Punishment Preferences. Health Communication.

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Malvini Redden, S., & Scarduzio, J. A. (in press). A different type of dirty work: Hidden taint, intersectionality, and emotion management in bureaucratic organizations. Communication Monographs.

Jones, M. J., Scarduzio, J. A., Mathews, E., Holbrook, P., Welsh, D., Wilbur, L., Carr, D., Cary, L. C., Doty, C., & Ballard, J. A. (in Press). Individual and team-based medical error disclosure: Dialectical tensions among healthcare providers. Qualitative Health Research.

Scarduzio, J. A., Malvini Redden, S., Fletcher, J., & Wilson, K. (2019). “There’s a fine line between one’s personal life and one’s private life”: Handling employee sexual harassment on Facebook from the victim’s perspective. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication. doi: 10.1080/17459435.2019.1606849

Riles, J., Varava, K., Pilny, A., & Tewksbury, D. (forthcoming) Representations of interpersonal interaction and race/ethnicity: An examination of prime-time network television. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

Pilny, A., Schector, A., Poole, M. S., & Contractor, N. (in press). An illustration of the relational event model to analyze group interaction processes. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice.

Ahmed, I., Pilny, A., & Poole, M. S. (in press). Understanding aggressive and non-aggressive individual behaviors in a MMORPG. In Lakkaraju, K. & Gita Sukthankar, G. (Eds.), Social Interaction in Virtual Worlds. Cambridge University Press.