Risk Sciences Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Risk Sciences is designed for professionals who are tasked with risk and crisis planning or might have to communicate with internal or external publics in a crisis, but have never had formal education to guide their actionsThe coursework, which can be completed in person or online, will provide foundational understanding of risk and crisis communication and practical application of knowledge.  Outcomes of the risk communication and crisis communication courses may include research studies, risk communication campaigns, organization risk assessment, crisis communication plans, crisis communication assessments, or grant proposals.  The training and consulting course addresses theoretical and pragmatic issues of training, consulting, and teambuilding.  The knowledge management course focuses on how to leverage knowledge assets to more quickly recognize risks and address crises as they emerge.

Required Coursework (tuition rate)                                                                (12 hours)

At least two (2) courses must be taken from the list below.  
CI 721 Risk Communication 3 credits
CI 722 Crisis Communication 3 credits
CI 780 Special Topics: Disasters and Terrorism 3 credits
Additional courses that count towards the certificate.  
CI 610 Participatory Communication 3 credits
CI 682 Communication and Persuasion 3 credits
CI 723 Training and Consulting 3 credits
CI 726 Communication Leadership Studies 3 credits
LIS 658 Knowledge Management 3 credits

For more information, please visit risk.uky.edu or contact the Certificate Director, Anthony Limperos at anthony [dot] limperosatuky [dot] edu

 or (859)323-6796 or GradCommatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 218-3613.


PDF Brochure: