Instructional Communication

Instructional Communication centers on interactions in instructional contexts—whether it’s communication-related training for employees in an organization, communicating to the public during a crisis, instructing patients to engage in proper healthcare procedures, or teaching students in a traditional classroom environment.

Instructional communication scholars use a social scientific approach to understand how instructors can best communicate with their students; how students communicate with each other, with content, and with their instructors; and how instructional messages can be crafted to be most effective. Graduates with an instructional communication focus obtain careers in both academia and industry, where they help shape the communication of generations of learners and teachers.

Suggested Coursework


Students interested in Instructional Communication may also consider the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication.  For more information, please visit\sis\icr\graduate or contact the Program Director, Dr. Brandi Frisby at Brandi [dot] Frisbyatuky [dot] edu

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