Risk and Crisis Communication

The University of Kentucky Risk Sciences faculty engage in theoretically informed research to identify practical applications for risk communicators across all phases of crises and disasters. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our research extends across multiple channels and modes of communication, providing insights on effective messaging for preparedness, response, and recovery. Our research extends into the classroom through the Graduate Certificate in Risk Sciences and into the community through consulting and outreach.

The University of Kentucky’s Risk and Disaster Communication Center, in the College of Communication and Information, brings together researchers across disciplines to provide broader, more systemic, and interdisciplinary approaches for understanding how to communicate about risk, disasters, and crises. Initiatives include advanced education in risk areas and contexts, organizational training and consulting, and community engagement and outreach.

Suggested Coursework

Students interested in Risk and Crisis Communication may also consider the Graduate Certificate in Risk Sciences. For more information, please visit comm.uky.edu/hcrc or contact the Program Director, Dr. Bobi Ivanov at bobi [dot] ivanovatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 257-9467 or GradCommatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 218-3613.