About iNET

The Innovation Network for Entrepreneurial Thinking, better known as iNET, is a unique undergraduate academic program in leadership and entrepreneurial thinking for all University of Kentucky students.

iNET provides interdisciplinary entrepreneurial educational opportunities and meaningful experiences to help students succeed in an entrepreneurial world. Students learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their courses of study. Students are offered a continuum of learning opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills and gain experience through the iNET programs.

iNET connects students to other students with entrepreneurial interests and to a network of innovators and entrepreneurial mentors, both at the University of Kentucky and in the local entrepreneurial community.


In July 2011, H. Dan O’Hair, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information, published a report based on data collected by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on entrepreneurship and the commercialization of university research: Collective Genius: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Commercialization of University Research.

Following the publication of the report, Dean O’Hair created the Innovation Network for Entrepreneurial Thinking at the University of Kentucky to be a university-wide, cross-disciplinary, academic initiative designed to nurture innovation networks and entrepreneurial thinking.

Dean O’Hair serves as co-chair of the iNET Advisory Board. In 2012, he led the University of Kentucky team that participated in the NSF Innovation Corps program at Stanford University designed to teach academic researchers how to think like entrepreneurs to commercialize research.