iNET Entrepreneurial Studies Living Learning Program

The iNET Entrepreneurial Studies LLP is for students from all majors who want to gain entrepreneurial skills, experience and contacts. It is a great way for students with innovative ideas to connect with other students and have opportunities to collaborate while engaging in exciting entrepreneurial activities and programs. Students will take dedicated on-site courses, and engage with the iNET Director, Entrepreneur in Residence, entrepreneurial faculty and mentors. In addition to special iNET programming, iNET LLP students will also be involved in iNET programs and activities including competitions, workshops and events.

The iNET LLP students will reside in Champions Court I located in the north campus neighborhood. A peer mentor also lives with the student community.

Freshmen will be required to enroll in the following courses during their first year:

Fall 2015 (8 credits of connected courses):

CIS 191 Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

CIS 191: Entrepreneurial Thinking (1 credit)

UK 101: Academic Orientation (1 credit)

CIS 110: Composition and Communication I (3 credits)

Spring 2016 (4 credits of connected courses):

CIS 191: Venture Challenge (1 credit)

CIS 111: Comp and Com II (3 credits)

The iNET LLP students are provided on-site programming and given the opportunity to discover their own entrepreneurial talents and interests as they learn team building, leadership, critical thinking, and innovative problem solving skills. Students will engage in team building exercises and activities to gain core entrepreneurial skills. Programs and mentoring will be provided by the iNET Director, Entrepreneur in Residence, and the on-campus and local entrepreneurial community.

iNET LLP students will:

  • Connect with other creative and innovative students and participate as a community in entrepreneurial activities.

  • Discover how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to succeed on campus and in an entrepreneurial world.

  • Acquire leadership skills such as critical thinking, team building, information management, and innovative problem solving.

  • Gain real world experience and entrepreneurial skills and learn steps to take to create a startup company.

  • Engage with entrepreneurial mentors and inspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Learn about different types of entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurship creates economic and social value.

  • Build strategic networks on campus and in the local entrepreneurial community.

Students apply for the iNET LLP when they apply for undergraduate housing.