Undergraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Entrepreneurs from any major who have completed at least 60 undergraduate hours!

Students may enroll in the advising office in their home college and must complete four 3-hour courses: two required and two elective courses.

The two required courses are:

COM 381:      Communication, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Thinking

EXP 455:        Capstone Experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Two electives from the following list:

AAD 305:        Arts Administration Business Communications

AAD 310:        Marketing for the Arts

AAD 410:        Arts Entrepreneurship

EDL 571:         Design Thinking in Education

HMT 414:        Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry

IS 402:            Competitive Intelligence

JOU 430:        Media Management and Entrepreneurship

MAS 425:       Social Entrepreneurship for Media

MAT 514:        Retail Entrepreneurship

MGT 292:       Introduction to Entrepreneurship

MGT 301:       Business Management

MKT 300:       Marketing Management

MUS 200:       Music for Living

MUS 222:       Creativity and Innovation in Rock Music: History and Sociology