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Prospective Students
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Breaking News, Summer Blockbusters, Big Blue Basketball Coverage, Best New Album

What do all these things have in common? They take a team of journalism and media professionals to make them happen. Most of us interact with the media everyday when we check our favorite news website, binge on Netflix, or follow our favorite team on ESPN, but very few people really understand how the media and new industries work and how they impact the world around us. At JAM our faculty of scholars and practitioners pull back the curtain to help students understand how the media and the press operate, give them the tools to create media of their own, and give students a better understanding of how media impacts the society we live in. 

Want to write for a local newspaper? Cover sports for ESPN? Help decide what television series make it to air? Create sound for the next big video game? Or just have a better understanding of the source of most Americans information/leisure time? Whatever your interest – JAM is the place to start.