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Who We Are

Who We Are


JAM students work with a diverse faculty of journalism and media arts and studies specialists that includes internationally recognized researchers and experienced practitioners. Our faculty includes Pulitzer Prize, Emmy, and International Picture of the Year award winners and finalist, a BEA Distinguished scholar, the winners of teaching and advising awards, and the writers of numerous books and articles.

You can see more about our faculty’s work or accomplishments by visiting our recent news and research pages.Our faculty is not only engaged with the on-campus community (heading up a Scripps Howard First Amendment Center, a local radio station, the Citizen Kentucky Project, and more) but are also globally engaged with faculty conducting international work in Zambia, Botswana, China, France, Russia, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, and Cyprus.

Learn more about our faculty here.

Students in the College of Communication can get the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts in Communication, Ph.D. in Communication, Master of Science in Library Science, and Master of Arts in Library Science. Undergraduates in our department major in Journalism or Media Arts and Studies. Journalism majors choose between a broadcast/multimedia track and a print/multimedia track. Media Arts and Studies majors select from a variety of courses and learn about film, the music industry, television, video games and a variety of video, audio and multimedia production techniques. Students in both majors complete at least one internship as part of their program requirements.


What sets the experience of any JAM students apart are the courses they take here at the University of Kentucky. Our students are able to choose a wide variety of courses within the AEJMC Accredited Journalism Program or Media Arts and Studies Major. Courses range from learning the fundamentals of the industry, to the ethical and cultural implications of journalism and media in the world, to a wide variety of a production courses where students create newscasts, short films, radio programs, interactive multimedia, local concerts and much more. In a given semester students might take a course on documentary film making, political reporting, community radio news, social media, or media criticism.  Below you can find two sample schedules of a year in the life of a JOU and a MAS major, but there are many more options for both production and studies courses. Explore our selection of courses by going here and selecting JOU or MAS then clicking on search. You can view samples of some of the work created by students in their courses here.

A year in the schedule of an MAS major.

Introduction to Media Industries

Audio Production

Special Topics: Screenwriting

Media Psychology

Special Topics: Social Media

The U.S. Film Industry

Digital Photography

Lit and Genre: Graphic Novel

Introduction to the Study of Language

JAM 399 – Internship


 A year in the schedule of a JOU major (Broadcast track)

Broadcast News Decision Making

TV Newscast Producing & Directing

Mass Media & Diversity

Radio/TV News Reporting

Media Law 

Web Design and Publishing

World Politics

Special Topics in International Relations: Globalization

Special Topics in MAS: Kid’s Media

Public Opinion



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New Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kyra Hunting  is our new assistant professor of Media Arts and Studies. Dr. Hunting received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studies genre, representation, and entertainment media technology and industries.

James Pilcher is the School of Journalism, Journalist in Residence. 
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