Don’t let food take control of your Valentine’s Day!

Trying to avoid, or at least over-indulging in, chocolate and candy on Valentine’s Day? Steer clear of making the day about food, experts say.

“Focus on spending quality time with your friends and loved ones,” suggests Cristina Harder, a licensed dietician at the Loyola Center for Fitness. “Trying a new activity together is a great way to share time with family and friends.”( photo)

When it comes to eating, cook at home rather than go out to a restaurant, and get some exercise, reports research-reporting service Newswise. In one hour, a person can burn:
• 200 calories walking, ballroom dancing or bowling
• 500 calories playing racquetball
• 600 calories playing tennis

If the celebration just isn’t complete with some indulgence, keep track of what it is. Five Hershey’s Kisses just have 100 calories, as do 30 plain M&Ms and three Dove dark chocolate hearts. “They will satisfy a sweet tooth without killing a diet,” Harder said.

“If you do over-indulge, just get back on track as soon as you can,” Harder added. “A minor dietary mishap is only a bump in the road and should not derail your efforts.” (Read more)

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