Democratic ads accuse Republicans of supporting pill mills by voting against bill that all agree needs work

A bipartisan group of Kentucky lawmakers are looking ahead to fixing the much complained about “unintended consequences” of last spring’s hastily passed bill aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse. Still, the House Democratic Caucus Committee has paid for political ads criticizing at least three Republican House members for not supporting the measure though they may have raised concerns about the very issues that now need legislative surgery.

Ryan Alessi of cn|2‘s “Pure Politics” reports that Rep. Mike Harmon of Boyle County and Rep. David Floyd of Bardstown are being targeted for not supporting the expansion of the use of the prescription monitoring system, KASPER, and requiring pain clinics to be run by physicians. Rep. Kim King of Harrodsburg has also been targeted; there may be othesr. Here is the ad:

Republican Floor Jeff Hoover of Jamestown, a supporter of HB 1, told Alessi that that need for changes in the bill now “vindicates lawmakers like Floyd and Harmon, who raised questions about whether the law would be overly restrictive for law abiding Kentuckians.” (Read more, see more videos)

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