The School of Information Science has over 3,600 alumni, representing one of our most important constituencies. Our graduates are our most valuable means to recruit new students and share opportunities with them. We want to stay in touch with our alumni, and the principal way we do that is through the newsletter, published each fall and spring. In addition, many alumni are reached by phone each fall in the annual phonathon. There is an alumni association, and each issue of the newsletter tells how to pay the modest annual membership fee. We encourage alumni to report their activities to the School so that we can include them in the alumni activities section of the newsletter and feature them on our website and social media. We're very proud of our graduates and their success!


LinkedIn Group

Are you an alumni? Are you on LinkedIn? Come join the Alumni group for the School!


Alumni News

Click here to access the alumni news feed on the website. There is also an archived feed available here.

Our Alumni Newsletter (click to browse the latest issues) has great information on what our alumni are doing and current school news as well. Information for the newsletter should be sent to the editor, Dennis Carrigan, at: carrigan [at]


Outstanding Alumnus Award

Past alumni so honored are:

  • Wayne Onkst, 2010
  • Renee Register, 2009
  • Cindy Miller, 2008
  • Dennis P. Carrigan, 2007
  • Trudi Bellardo Hahn, 2006
  • Jackie White, 2005
  • Geneva Pullen, 2004
  • Theresa Fredericka, 2003
  • Kim Fender, 2001
  • Ling-Yuh W (Miko) Pattie, 2000
  • Karen McDaniel, 1999
  • John W. Collins, III, 1998
  • Delmus E. Williams, 1997
  • Anne M. Buck, 1996
  • Deanna B. Marcum, 1994
  • Ellen C. Hellard, 1993
  • Sandra H. Welch, 1992
  • John M. Bryant, 1991
  • Virginia G. Fox, 1990
  • Carla H. Stoffle, 1989
  • George W.B. Shannon, 1988
  • Anne Y. McConnell, 1987
  • Raymond A. Palmer, 1986
  • James A. Nelson, 1985
  • Joseph H. Morehead, 1984








Support the School

We are always grateful to alumni and friends of the school who wish to donate the school at any level. There are a variety of funds you can contribute to, including the following:

Lois Mai Chan SLIS Student Enrichment Fund was established by Deanna Marcum (SLIS/1971) to honor Dr. Lois Mai Chan and her 40 plus years service to the School and its students. Dr. Chan retired in December 2011 and passed away in August, 2014 . When endowed, funds may be used by the School for scholarships, student travel to professional meetings or student internship programs, poster and paper presentations. To make a gift by credit card go to: and select the Fund name.

The SLIS Fund for Excellence supports technology enhancement needs, student and alumni events and student travel to professional conferences.

The Anne Y. McConnell Fund benefits the enrichment of programs in the School, particularly in the field of children’s literature and services. 

You are also welcome to make a gift to any other fund in the School.  You can make your donation online and see a list of funds for the School at

We are thankful for the continued support of our alumni.