2017 Excellence in Composition and Communication Awards


Each year, students in the CIS courses may be nominated for the Excellence in Composition & Communication Award (for CIS 110/111), the Excellence in Business Communication Award (for CIS 300), and the Outstanding Apprentice Award (for CIS 590) presented by  Instructional Communication and Research in the College of Communication and Information. These students are nominated by their professors for their outstanding work in the area of business communication. We are pleased to honor the following 2017 recipients of this award:

Andrea Bomkamp

Excellence in Business Communication

Abigail Frazier

Excellence in Composition & Communication

Breanna Fairley

Outstanding Apprentice

Andrea Bomkamp is a Junior in the Gatton College of Business and Economics. She is pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Marketing, as well as a minor in International Business. She will serve as Lead Gatton Ambassador and Economics Society President for the upcoming academic year, and she is an active member of the Student Outreach Team for Undergraduate Research as a former Chellgren Fellow. She is also a Singletary Scholar and Global Scholar. Andrea is currently studying abroad for a full semester in Prague, Czech Republic. Andrea was nominated by her CIS 300 instructor, Dr. Carla Bevins who proclaims her "a dynamite" in that class.


Abigail "Abby" Frazier is a Sophomore in Merchandising, Apparels, and Textiles. Dr. Troy Cooper calls her "one of the best students I've encountered in my 5+ years of teaching CIS 111." Abby says "Communication is an incredibly powerful and vital part of life as we are interacting with others every day, whether it be in a formal situation such as a job interview or a casual situation like checking out at the grocery store.  That is why I so highly value my experience in CIS 111 with Dr. Troy Cooper.  The communication skills I learned I will use for the rest of my life."



Breanna "Bre" Fairley is a Sophomore Marketing major at the University of Kentucky. Bre's nominator was Dr. Jessalyn Vallade who oversaw her CIS 590 Apprenticeship in Instructional Communication where Bre joined her CIS 110 class as a teaching apprentice. "Bre was incredibly organized and motivated," says Dr. Vallade. Bre says her experience in CIS 590 provided her "the opportunity to observe and learn the mechanics behind successfully running a classroom," including executing her own lesson plans under Dr. Vallade's guidance. "I can now feel confident in my ability to work with people of all diverse backgrounds," Bre says.

Andrea Bomkamp, Abigail Frazier, and Breanna Fairley will be recognized at the College of Communication & Information Student Awards banquet at the Hilary J. Boone Center on Friday, April 21st. Congratulations to this year's recipients!