Blackboard access ENDS on June 1st: Here is a guide to saving your work

Hi students,
Please take the time now if you haven't already to save your course works outside of of Blackboard before the shut-off date. The message below provides some guidelines as to what materials need to be saved. As of June 1st, 2016, i.e., next Wednesday, Blackboard access will end for the entire university.

Here is how to access your grades for various assignments in Blackboard.


Core classes: You should have your grading info, any feedback (may copy/paste to save this in a separate word file--it does not have to be attached to the assignment), and the final file submitted for grading for the following:

  • LIS 600: term paper OR three short essays, final exam or series of quizzes (you will need to have whichever your section used)

    • We have masters of the 600 quizzes, so you will retrieve a screenshot of your grade for the quiz attempt for the artifact for those sections. Contact me if you have questions.

  • LIS 601: Community Resource Audit (some earlier sections did the Pathfinder project instead, so do what your section used)

  • LIS 602: Thesaurus Construction assignment and the metadata assignment

  • LIS 603: Strategic Plan (if you submitted in multiple parts, you need the complete plan)

For LIS 636:

  • Webpage (link and take a screenprint of the page also)

  • Database project (the database/MS Access file, the written portion of the assignment, and the report generated by your database as a pdf file)

  • IT Environment Scan and/or the Productivity Application project (include either or both depending on if your class section did one, the other, or both)

If you didn't use 636 for the first IT requirement, the major projects from your other IT classes should be on hand to use as substitutions. Contact me if you have questions about this.

Electives: you should also save any elective work you wish to include in your portfolio. At least one is required, but ideally you would have more.

If you have the file you submitted for any of these already outside Bb (on your hard-drive, etc.), you only need to retrieve your grading info/feedback. You just need to have that final submission you turned in for grading--if it's the same file, there is no need to pull it from Bb again. Before June, all these files should be saved outside Bb on your computer or attached in the ePortfolio in Canvas (see below for details). This ensures you do not lose access to your coursework when the transition is complete.


The following are not required:

At this time, we're assisting with backing up files that are to be used in your graduate portfolio, not all course content such as:

  • Discussion board comments

  • Additional exams/quizzes for core courses outside the required portfolio artifacts

  • Smaller assignments you do not intend to use in the portfolio

You can begin building your ePortfolio in Canvas now if you desire--unlike Blackboard, the ePortfolio feature is accessible outside of the portfolio course shell. This means students can work on building their portfolio well before their last semester. A video on how to construct the portfolio sections is here. I encourage you to go ahead and attach artifacts you have saved to get that out of the way well before graduation time nears.

For more information about Canvas and the transition, please visit   For information on how to save content from Blackboard, please see Canvas Transition Central. For technical issues, contact UKAT. Their phone # is (859) 218-HELP(4357).


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