Fall 2018 Internship Poster Showcase

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, fifteen information communication technology (ICT) undergraduate and graduate students presented their final projects as part of the internship course. Projects ranged from social media analysis to cyber-sickness and from search engine optimization to technology tools for school-aged children. Each semester, students enrolled in the internship course are expected to develop a poster detailing their experience in the internship with reference to a particular project. Take a look at those projects more in detail in this poster presentation program. Additional information about the internship program (ICT 596: Internship in ICT) is available here. If you are an employer interested in hosting an ICT intern, please complete this employer questionnaire

James DuPlessis 
"VOIP Phone Overhaul" 
Internship Sponsor: Fayette County Health Department 

Rachel Holbrook
"Increasing Technical Support for Archive Space" 
Internship Sponsor: UK Special Collections Library

Kyle Judd
"How to Bring Social Media to Those Unable to Use It" 
Internship Sponsor: Green County Public Schools

Katy McCray
"Social Media Attitudes Studies on Social Studio" 
Internship Sponsor: College of Communication and Information CI Colab

Makayla Huff
"Recall Issued by Toyota of 2.4 Million Prius Vehicles" 
Internship Sponsor: Toyota

Anthony Marino
"Cyber-sickness and the Effects of Prolonged VR Exposure" 
Internship Sponsor: CI Colab

Daymon Williams
"Information and Communication in the IT Department" 
Internship Sponsor: Kentucky State University 

Madison Griggs
"Social Media Idea Management and Organization" 
Internship Sponsor: International Book Project

Abigail Powers
"The Misuse of Search Engine Optimization" 
Internship Sponsor: Harris and Ward

James Rutledge
"ICT Development in K-12 Schools" 
Internship Sponsor: Scott County Public Schools 

Drew Hardesty
"The Importance of SEO" 
Internship Sponsor: Harris and Ward

Connor Neal
 "What's Technology Got to do with Bourbon?" 
Internship Sponsor: Campari America

Riley Clem
"Twitter vs. Pinterest: Why Twitter is the Superior Social Media Platform for the AVCA" 
Internship Sponsor: American Volleyball Coaches Association

Aaron Tackett
"Support Ticket and Call Reduction by Promoting Quick 
Self-Help for Simple Issues" 
Internship Sponsor: BlueFrame Technology 

Mariah Thompson
"How to Influence 'Good' Passwords &
Two-Factor Authentication" 
Internship Sponsor: UK Facilities Information Services