Greenhalgh Joins Faculty at UK School of Information Science

(August 3, 2018) -The School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky is pleased to announce the addition of Spencer Greenhalgh to the Information Communication Technology tenure-track faculty in the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Spencer Greenhalgh, a Kentucky native and assistant professor of Information Communication Technology, will teach a course that emphasizes critical inquiry and thinking through creativity in Fall 2018. 

“I subscribe to a social view of learning, which means that if I’m doing my job right, I’m not just transmitting new information when I teach—I’m inviting my students to join the professional and intellectual communities I participate in by helping them adopt the practices and perspectives that define these communities,” Greenhalgh said. “I enjoy the moments when students take their first steps into these communities and begin to see familiar things in new ways or new things as being familiar.”

Greenhalgh graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) with a PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology, along with graduate certificates in digital humanities and serious games.

“My research focuses on educational technology, a phenomenon that different fields approach from distinct-but-complementary perspectives. My experience thus far has been in a College of Education, so I’m looking forward this semester to taking my first steps in the programs in the School of Information Science, so that I can add new perspectives to my work,” he said.

He joins the school from MSU where he taught courses on integrating technology into teaching and assessment, online teaching, Web portfolio design, and research methods. 

“I grew up in Kentucky but left after high school to do my studies elsewhere,” Greenhalgh said. “I was never sure if I’d get the chance to come back, so moving to Lexington to join the School of Information Science has been a real delight!”

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