ICT Graduate Student Working to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

      Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, especially with more employees working remotely than ever before. Mariah Staton, an ICT graduate student, recently completed her practicum with Information Technology Services (ITS) at the University of Kentucky. She analyzed the device metric tracking software used by ITS to determine the benefits it provides to preventing ransomware attacks.This data shows which devices are out of date, extremely out of date, and up to date. Devices that are out of date are more susceptible to attacks. Device metric tracking allows technicians to identify vulnerabilities and fix them to prevent these type of attacks. 


"What I enjoyed most about my practicum is that I was able to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on within a higher-ed IT department. Most importantly, the practicum has allowed my supervisor/intern relationship to grow into a mentorship," said Mariah.

Our practicum program allows our students to research real world problems in technology and work towards solutions for them. It is great to see the work our students produce!

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