SIS Faculty Members Promoted to Associate Professor


(April 30, 2019) - We are delighted to share that Drs. Sean Burns and Youngseek Kim have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in the School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky. This will commence starting July 2019.  


Professor Burns works in scholarly communication, academic libraries, and information retrieval. His recent work has covered issues with peer review, published in Scientometrics, and with reference librarianship, published in the Journal of Documentation. Burns has a forthcoming paper in the Journal of the Medical Library Associationabout bibliographic information retrieval. 


“My primary research interest lies in providing appropriate information services for scientists by understanding their information (especially data) needs and uses across the entire data life cycle,” Kim said. “Furthermore, I am also interested in designing and developing human-centered scientific cyberinfrastructure, such as metadata and data repositories, and educating and training a new generation of information professionals, called eScience professionals.”


With this appointment, Drs. Burns and Kim stated that they look forward to future collaborations and research contributions in the field of librarianship.