Spring 2019 Internship Poster Showcase

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, students from the information communication technology undergraduate and graduate program presented their final projects as part of the internship and practicum course. Each semester, students enrolled in either ICT 399 or completing their final paper for the graduate program are expected to develop a poster detailing their experience in the internship with reference to a particular project. Additional information about the internship program (ICT 399) is available here. If you are an employer interested in hosting an ICT intern, please complete the employer questionnaire

Jesse Stallsworth
"Use Eye-Tracking in Hardware/Software Usability Testing"
MS ICT Candidate

Joshua Barnes
"Survey 'Databasification' Project"
Internship Site: UK Institutional and Advanced Analytics (IRAA)

Maria Jones
"Sale! Sale! Sale! ...But Don't Ignore ICT" 
Internship Site: Nate's Coffee

Jordan Frost
"Windows Imaging Solution: Microsoft Deployment" 
Internship Site: Ascension Consulting

Leslie Saylor 
"Community Trust Bank ATM Deposit Features" 
Internship Site: Community Trust Bank

John Rachlin
"Coastal Cloud Internship"
Internship Site: Coastal Cloud

Noah Manno
"Revamping Online Child Care Training" 
Internship Site: Child Care Council of Kentucky

Alison Guzicki
"Integrity in Healthcare: COA" 
Internship Site: St. Joseph Hospital

George McCracken 
"How did a small company job prepare me for a large company job?" 
Internship Site: BlueFrame Technology

Joseph Walsburger
"Embracing What's Next"
Internship Site: Kenton County Airport Board

Casey Crain
"Patch Management"
Internship Site: Box Lake Networks

Josh Guillen
"Infrastructure as Code in an Enterprise"
Internship Site: Pueo Business Solutions

Bryan Kirshe
"Internet of Things in the Office"
Internship Site: Database Solutions Inc. 

Tim Shannon
"Use of Tablets in Visuospatial Assessment in Clinical Dementia Evaluations" 
MS ICT Candidate

Wesley Robinson
"Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Policy for the University of Kentucky"
Internship Site: UK Information Technology Services

Ashlynn Rowane
"Eye-Tracking the Usability of E-Commerce Websites"
Internship Site: CI Colab

Michael Morgan
"Literacy in the Digital Age" 
MS ICT Candidate

Joy Taylor
"Assessment of Cyber Security Policy and Necessity of Centralized Government in Academia" 
Internship Site: UK Information Technology Services

Kristen Brown
"Querying the Kracken with SQL"
Internship Site: VetData 

Blaine Forsee
"Security from a Technological Standpoint"
Internship Site: Owen Electric Cooperation

Eric Coots
"Social Media Reach Strategies"
Internship Site: UK Sports Medicine Research Institute

Chase Karlen
"Cybersecurity: The Silent Protector"
Internship Site: UK Information Technology Services

Chelsea West
"Automation in the Context of Enterprise Systems Administration"
Internship Site: UK Facilities Information Services