Student Profile: Laura Beth Fox-Ezell

Laura Beth Fox-Ezell

Laura Beth Fox-Ezell, Educational Delivery Services Coordinator and Young Adult Services Librarian at Warren County Public Library, graduated from the University of Kentucky with a master’s in library science in May 2019. Initially, Fox wanted to become a teacher. Having earned her bachelor’s in history and social studies from Western Kentucky University she felt headed on that path. Then, she fell in love with librarianship while working in a library as a student. 

“My time is spent coordinating and delivering books and library services to classrooms all over our county. I also provide young adult programming in-house,” Fox said. “I love introducing children to the public library during my school visits and appreciate the opportunity to work with the teens in my community as well!” 

Fox and others at the Warren County Public Library recently implemented a Teen Advisory Board, giving local youth an opportunity to have their voices heard.   

Her favorite courses in the program, included children and young adult literature and public libraries. 

“The LIS program taught me theory behind the practice of librarianship, time management, and challenged my creativity. I advise current students to find a job or an internship while they’re in school so you can directly apply what you’re learning. Even so, carve out specific times in your week to focus on school so that it doesn’t take over completely!” Fox said. 

Moving forward, Fox plans to continue working with young adults in her community. 

“I believe it is so important to find new ways to bridge the gap between library services and the community we serve.” She said. 

Fox’s favorite thing to do outside of work and school has been teaching yoga and managing a small business where she creates pottery.