Student Profile: Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor, MS ICT (May 2018) 

Matthew Taylor graduated with a bachelor's degree in information communication technology prior to beginning his graduate coursework in ICT in Fall 2016. He will earn a Master of Science in ICT in May 2018. While in the program, Taylor has enjoyed learning website design and development, database creation and management, security and privacy techniques, picture and video editing and creation, and some coding languages. 

Taylor has long been interested in website development and maintenance. As a student, Taylor is a part of the website development team at Intelligent Social Media (ISM). His responsibilities include checking the website for errors, taking note of the effects, and reporting them to the main programmers. 

"As to the challenges and rewards, I would say the biggest challenge was finding errors themselves. Me and one or more of the developers would try and find errors, then work together to come up with different methods to fix errors. A big reward is the satisfaction you get when you finally figure out what caused the error, and fix it after it has been bugging you for hours, even days," Taylor said. 

His research proposal, "Lack of Data Breach Laws in the United States" focuses on security and privacy concerns among organizations and consumers. 

"Current laws do not properly protect customers and compensate them for damages or data theft. In this paper, we propose that new laws and regulations be put into place in the United States for data protection and breaches," Taylor said. "We examine a few of the major hacks that have occurred in the last decade, and examine data protection and data breach laws both here in and in other countries, more specifically, the United Kingdom." 

Aside from studying, Taylor enjoys reading, playing video games, writing, and website design. 

"Though I haven't had time to practice recently, because of college, I do like to write short stories from time to time. I also write a poem here and there as well, but would like to take the time to finish some story ideas that may well turn into short novels," Taylor said. "Websites are kind of like poems and puzzles. You need the right code or words in the right place to complete your creation." 

His advice for current students is to "stick with it!" 

"Sometimes you will feel like things are going to be overwhelming, and you just want to quit. Don't. Instead, take some time every day to relax, unwind, and do something fun to take your mind off of work," Taylor said. "Also, take advantage of your resources. You can make study groups for some of your more difficult courses and there are plenty of school sponsored resources, such as tutoring and people to help you write papers on various subjects."