Summer Library Science Graduation Paperwork is Due June 1st!

Dear students,

Please refer to the following message for information about portfolio requirements and graduation paperwork for the Summer 2016 semester. If you have questions about graduation paperwork, please contact Ashley DeWitt (ashdewitt [at]

). For portfolio-specific questions, contact Heather Burke (uklis.student.affairs [at]




Remember, to be eligible to graduate, you must complete all degree requirements no later than the summer II semester, including number of credit hours and all required courses. You must also be a student in good standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Deadlines for Summer Graduation Paperwork:

Note: If you have filled out graduation paperwork in a previous semester but did not graduate, you must resubmit all the paperwork listed below. 

Please complete the following by June 1st:

1. Let us know if you will be taking the exit exam or submitting the program portfolio by filling out the Summer 2016 SLIS Graduates form.  

If you began your coursework before the Fall 2011 semester, you have the option of either sitting for the exit exam or submitting the program portfolio. If you began your coursework Fall 2011 or after, you must submit the program portfolio. If you are submitting a portfolio, you should let your adviser know immediately. If you do not know who your adviser is, please contact Heather Burke (uklis.student.affairs [at]



2. Submit Graduate Degree Application

To access the online degree application, log into and then go to "Student Services / myRecords / Graduate Degree Application". If your degree is listed as MA rather than MSLS, do not submit this form or the next. Instead, contact Ashley DeWitt (ashdewitt [at] ()

) immediately

If you are asked to provide a thesis or dissertation title, please write "Portfolio".


3. Submit Degree Candidate Form

Log into the Graduate School's website to submit the "Masters/Specialist Degree Candidate Form". The day for the exam and the due date for the portfolio will be Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

The exam committee will be Professor Jeffrey Huber (chair), Professor Youngseek Kim, and Professor C. Sean Burns. Be sure that you enter Professor Jeffrey Huber on line #1 and indicate that he will be serving as committee chair. This information is the same for students sitting for the exit exam or submitting the program portfolio (students submitting a portfolio obviously will not have to show up for the actual exam).

If you are submitting a portfolio, enter "Portfolio" in the location/site field and 4:30pm in the time field. If you are taking the exam, enter "LCLI 303" in the location field and 12:30pm in the time field.  


The exam will be held Tuesday, July 5, 2016. The portfolios will be due that same day, no later than 4:30pm. 


Portfolio Requirements:

If you plan to submit the portfolio this Summer, please self-enroll in the Canvas course by June 1st by doing the following:

Go to: and login with your linkblue username/pw to enroll.


Login to Canvas at
From your dashboard, go to “Courses” and then select “All Courses.”
In the upper right-hand corner, click “Browse more courses.”
Search for: SIS Portfolio SU16 
Find the course in the results and click “Join this Course.”  


Portfolios this semester will be in Canvas. We have prepared a full-length video walkthrough guide to setting up your new portfolio in Canvas here. Additional instructional materials may follow as we roll out this new model for portfolios this semester: please watch the listserv for updates.

If you have specific questions not answered in the video, on the portfolio website or in Canvas’ walkthrough/help features, please contact Heather Burke, our Student Affairs Officer (uklis.student.affairs [at]


There are nine total core competencies to address in the Learning Outcomes essay; if you are using a version that lists eight competencies, your guidelines are outdated. Please follow the Portfolio Guidelines when compiling your portfolio. The current guidelines may be accessed here.


If you started the program before Spring 2014, you will use the class artifacts from the previous degree requirements (i.e., four core courses, technology requirement, and electives) to build the portfolio, but you will still use the most current guidelines for writing the Learning Outcomes essay.

If you want to receive feedback from your advisor regarding your portfolio, you need to submit a draft to him/her prior to June 21

Again, if you have questions, please contact Ashley DeWitt (ashdewitt [at]

) or Heather Burke (uklis.student.affairs [at]