Three SIS Professors Publish Essay in Basic Communication Course Annual

Dr. Brandi Frisby Dr. Jessalyn Vallade Dr. Renee Kaufmann


Drs. Brandi Frisby (Associate Professor, Instructional Communication and Research), Jessalyn Vallade (Assistant Professor, Instructional Communication and Research), and Renee Kaufmann (Assistant Professor, Information Communication Technology) published an essay, titled “Cross-Disciplinary Curricular Connections Between Communication and STEM: A Case for a Tailored Basic Course” in Basic Communications Course Annual (BCCA).

The short essay is a response to the following topics: What curricular programs present the best opportunity for curricular connections to the basic course? Building upon conversations from the July 2018 Basic Course Institute (hosted by University of Dayton), what administrative successes and challenges do basic course directors face? 

The authors collaborated with STEM faculty to create STEM-specific sections of the basic course that incorporated teamwork, writing, and visual, technical, and oral communication. 

Authors reported a few assignment examples. “For example, a standard informative essay and speech were revised to a technical manual with visuals, diagrams, and a presentation. Similarly, the standard persuasive essay and speech were revised to a recommendation report for revising a company’s website, along with a team pitch presentation.” 

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