Two SIS Faculty Acknowledged for Research Productivity in the Communication Field


(November 7, 2017) - Drs. Brandi Frisby (Associate Professor, Instructional Communication and Research) and Jessalyn Vallade (Assistant Professor, Instructional Communication and Research) have been recognized as being in the top 1 percent in scholarly research productivity in communication studies. Communication Education, a quarterly academic journal covering speech and communication on college campuses, published a study that reports prolific scholarship trends in the field of communication based on individual publication rates in 24 journals from the field for the years 2012-2016. The publication indicates, "results provide information about what characterizes the 32 individuals who could be considered prolific scholars across the total list of 24 journals, and the nine individuals who could be considered prolific in centra journals." The article states that it took nine and seven articles to make it onto each list. Drs. Frisby and Vallade published a total of 16 and 9 articles, respectively.

The University of Kentucky School of Information Science applauds Drs. Frisby and Vallade for their continued dedication to teaching and research in the area of instructional communication. The School congratulates them on this national accomplishment. To learn more about their publications, professional service, and research activities, visit their faculty websites: Dr. Brandi Frisby and Dr. Jessalyn Vallade

The full journal article is available here: