UK Information Communication Technology Program Offers New Online Degree Completion Track, 1:1 Chat on Mar. 21


The Information Communication Technology program, offered by the School of Information Science, a part of University of Kentucky’s College of Communication and Information, will host an online chat on Wednesday, Mar. 21 from 12-1 p.m. (EDT) for students interested in completing their bachelor’s degree online in an applied information technology program.   

The 1:1 online chat is free and open to the public. Those interested can register for the chat at

Information communication technology (ICT) is becoming more recognized in the United States as the convergence of computer, software, networking, and information systems fields take place more frequently across the globe.

The ICT program at UK offers three tracks in commercialization, technology management, and information studies; its information studies (IS) track is available completely online as of Fall 2017.

The IS track benefits students with an interest in information studies, technology, or applied technology, who are unable to complete their degree in a traditional on-campus format. IS track students will learn how information can be created, communicated, stored, and transformed to benefit individuals, organizations, and society.

“The IS track provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in information development, management, and regulation. Students take courses like ICT Policy and Systems Analysis where they interact with classmates who often have unique work experience to contribute to online discussion,” said Brionna, a junior in the online track. “The new IS track has been very helpful for me while battling chronic illness and I am excited for the development of the program.”

Online IS track students can expect to learn practical skills for analyzing, processing, and managing information that will allow them to create technology-based solutions using a user-centered approach. The IS track curriculum includes courses in: Human Relations in IT; Universal Access: Information and Working Environments; Information Architecture; Multimedia and Technology; Web Development for the Semantic Web; and Technology Training and Instructional Strategies.

“Online learning provides students an opportunity to earn a degree in a field that will allow them to advance within a current position or gain employment in a job they desire,” said Renee Kaufmann, assistant professor of information communication technology. “Plus, online learning allows students to take their courses whenever and wherever.”

School faculty aim to increase access to education among Kentucky residents by providing an online degree completion program that allows students to manage their time, learn the materials presented, and complete assignments on their own schedules.

The online bachelor’s degree completion program offers many academic and financial benefits, including:

·      the ability to complete the degree while being geographically separated from the university

·      affordability, because in-state/resident tuition rates are available to online learners, which cuts cost of a bachelor’s degree significantly

·      the flexibility of an individualized schedule, because the School offers asynchronous online classes

·      career advancement, because this academic work promotes class participation using digital communication skills (e.g. crafting an email, presenting to a group, conference calls), which are marketable skills

·      support, including small class sizes, extensive advising, academic, and administrative support

IS track students are specially admitted and should transfer a minimum 60 credit hours to the university. Students will complete the Information Studies track, ICT major, and additional hours (e.g., up to 60 hours total) completely online. It is possible for an IS track student to complete their degree in 2 years as a full-time student or 3 years as a part-time student.

“Community college students bring individual experiences and contribute diverse perspectives that enhance the academic community, and as part of the flagship institution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the UK Transfer staff strives to support this unique population by providing individualized services for every student,” said Sara Price, Transfer Admissions Director. “Through our longstanding partnership with KCTCS, we are able to provide more support than ever before to help these students achieve their educational goals and create better lives for themselves and their families.” 

In the 1:1 chat, School representatives will answer questions about information studies, coursework, advising, and admissions for students changing career paths, or transferring from another institution.

The Transfer Admissions office at the University of Kentucky travels throughout the state to meet with KCTCS students and speak with them about transferring to UK. They also offer pre-evaluations of transfer credit, academic advising and admission counseling at any stage of the transfer process. Additional information about their services is available on the UK Transfer website: To contact a transfer advisor, email UKTransfer [at]

Students who are interested in the IS track should apply through undergraduate admissions at by July 1 for Fall 2018 admission.