Zeadally Selected For Silver Jubilee Visiting Professorship at Edith Cowan University

Sherali Zeadally is an Associate Professor at UK SIS.


August 4th, 2016

This summer, Associate Professor Dr. Sherali Zeadally (Information Communication Technology) received a prestigious visiting professor award from the Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Australia.

The Silver Jubilee Visiting Professorship Award is offered by ECU to host outstanding researchers from academic institutions outside Australia in order to encourage collaboration between international research leaders and the ECU. As a recipient, Dr. Zeadally traveled to Australia where he delivered lecture series, seminars, and workshops on a number of research topics to students and faculty.

 A monetary award of up to $20,000 is provided to researchers selected for the visiting professorship to cover travel and incidental costs, etc. The Silver Jubilee Visiting Professorship is open to professors across disciplines from outside of Australia. From those who apply, ECU selects four for the visiting professorships. More information is available on ECU’s website.

UK SIS applauds Dr. Zeadally’s dedication to pursuing research opportunities both on campus and on an international scale. Dr. Sherali Zeadally was named a University Research Professor by the UK Board of Trustees in 2016.