CIS 112 Accelerated Composition and Communication II

Composition and Communication 112 is an accelerated version of the standard two-semester composition and communication sequence. It focuses on integrated oral, written, and visual communication skill development and emphasizes critical inquiry and research. Students will sharpen their ability to conduct research; compose and communicate in written, oral, and visual modalities; and use interpersonal skills to work effectively in groups (dyads and small groups). In order to achieve these goals, students will explore issues of public concern in a profession that aligns with their career goals using exploratory, informative, and persuasive communication skills as both consumers and producers of information. Course members will develop complex arguments based on significant primary and secondary research, ultimately aimed at proposing a solution to their chosen issue. To do this, they will conduct individual, partner, and team-based work and produce a series of communication products that combine modalities (face to-face, written, oral, visual, digital) in different ways. A significant component of the class will consist of learning to use visual and digital resources, first to enhance written and oral presentations and later to communicate mass mediated messages to various public audiences.

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