CIS 300 Strategic Business and Professional Communication

This communication intensive course prepares students for their careers by developing effective communication skills (integrated written, oral, and visual) applied specifically to today’s technology-driven and global business environment. The course will focus on developing strong communication skills in interpersonal settings, on small group teams, and when delivering public presentations. Students will prepare cover letters, resumes, websites, and portfolios; develop effective interviewing skills in face-to-face and online environments; communicate effectively based on audience analysis in face-to-face and online settings; deliver effective formal public business presentations (informative and persuasive) based on audience analysis and using a variety of presentational aids that enhance the message; and learn to manage data, graphics, and a positive online presence (e.g., websites, blogs, social media outlets, email messages,and webinars). Prereq: Upper division status in accounting, analytics, economics, finance, management, marketing, or permission from instructor.

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