LIS 621 Information Resources and Services

This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of information services, which are defined broadly as the activities in which information professionals engage to connect people to the information they need, including information needs assessment, direct information provision, information literacy instruction, and intermediation for all stages of the information search process. Emphasis is placed on the roles played by information professionals to help diverse users define and negotiate their information needs, navigate usersystem interfaces, formulate effective search strategies for information retrieval, and evaluate and select information. Attention is also given to the skills necessary to plan for, implement, and evaluate the delivery of information services in a wide variety of organizational contexts. The ethical foundations of information services are also considered. Prereq: LIS 601. Counts as part of Library Science foundational requirement for students who matriculated between Spring 2014 and Spring 2017. Offered Summer and Spring.

Information Systems
Information Organization
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