Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication

We are pleased to offer a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication to graduate students within the College of Communication and Information, students in other PhD programs across the university, and professionals working in an educational, organization, or healthcare setting. Instructional Communication examines the design of messages used in any instructional context, whether it's providing information to employees in an organization, communicating to the public during a crisis, instructing patients on proper healthcare procedures, or teaching students in a traditional classroom environment. To earn the certificate, students must successfully complete 12 credit hours from the following list of courses:

  • CI 616 Foundations of Instructional Communication
  • CI 636 Instructional Communication Assessment and Research Methods
  • CI 646 Interpersonal Communication and Instruction
  • CI 656 Instructional Communication and Technology
  • CI 723 Training and Consulting
  • CI 726 Communication Leadership Studies
  • CI 780 Special Topics in Instructional Communication


For more information on courses currently offered by the Graduate Program in Communication, please visit or contact Certificate Director Brandi Frisby at brandi.frisby [at]