ICT Independent Study

Students may wish to pursue an independent study (ICT 395) for one of the following reasons:

  • To perform a directed study in an ICT-related subject, issue or problem of a particular interest to the student which is not dealt with in regular courses
  • To enable the student to expand upon a topic which has been dealt with in regular courses, but not to the degree which satisfies the student's interest


Independent research or reading and a substantial written report are required for the independent study.

Objectives for students in ICT 395 include:

  • Locate ICT within the overall context of the client information environment as well as within the particular interest area.
  • Demonstrate skills to critically evaluate both public and commercially available information retrieval sources.
  • Demonstrate applying principles, concepts, and skills within a particular emphasis area of ICT.

Course goals and objectives are determined by the student and directing faculty member in a learning contract prior to the approval of the independent study.


Interested in an independent study for the coming semester?

For more information, please contact infosci [at] uky.edu. The blank contract for ICT 395 is available here. Please note that is highly recommended materials for an Independent Study be turned in well before classes begin for the semester chosen for its completion. This allows time for approval and, if needed, re-submission of the ICT 395 contract.