Course Description

ICT 696: ICT Practicum is a self-directed and independent field experience credit. The practicum is designed for graduate students to observe, synthesize, and evaluate theory, methods, and/or skills acquired from course work and contextualize these skills within their practicum site. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, management of responsibilities, and professionalism in approved practicum site. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 140 practicum hours (which comes out at roughly 10-12 hours per week for a Fall or Spring semester) at their site over the course of the semester enrolled.

Specific objectives of the course include: 

  • Identify the information communication technology infrastructures and systems that support the students' practicum site goals
  • Communicate an audience-tailored presentation using multiple modes of communication
  • Explain how the student applied management and/or leadership skills in the practicum site experience
  • Demonstrate the application of course knowledge/content to practicum duties



Students must be admitted to the Master of Science in Information Communication Technology program and have completed 18 hours of graduate work in order to enroll in the practicum course. Students should complete the practicum at a time in their academic career when they will not only benefit from the practicum, but will be able to make a contribution to the organization sponsoring the internship. 


Tuition & Costs

Any internship a student receives course credit for will be assessed tuition and fees. ICT 696 is a 3-credit hour course. Faculty and advisors are not able to discuss financial information with students: for specific questions about tuition and fees, please contact Student Account Services


Practicum Assignments & Projects

  • Supervisor Evaluation
  • Final Project (deliverable) 
  • Final Presentation
  • End of Semester Report
  • Exit Survey 


About the Final Project

At the end of the semester, the student is required to develop a deliverable that demonstrates how he or she managed an information communication technology problem that he or she experienced in their practicum. Examples of deliverables range from: an online training, strategy document (assessment/research, process map, recommendation report), research study, etc. The deliverable will need to be submitted as a typed proposal to the student's advisor and approved by the advisor before the project may begin. 

Practicum Resources + Documents

Learning Contract

Supervisor Evaluation



Email Sarah Jane Tamme (sarah.tamme [at] for questions about the practicum.