ICT Classes Approved for UK Core Credit


Looking for UK Core credit that goes above and beyond? Enroll in one of the ICT UK Core offerings and gain skills for your future.

Talk to your advisor about core credits or contact infosci [at] uky.edu for more info on ICT's core-approved courses.

ICT 114 Composition & Communication in the Digital Age I
Courses offered face-to-face
Meets UK Core- Composition & Communication I (equivalent to CIS/WRD 110)

Composition and Communication in the Digital Age I is the introductory course in a two-course sequence designed to engage STEAM students in composing and communicating ideas using speech, writing, visuals, and technology. This course will focus on equipping students to (1) translate complex, technical information into comprehensible terms, (2) utilize research skills to collect and evaluate information, and (3) employ written, oral, and technical elements as both independent and interconnected forms of communication.


ICT 115 Composition & Communication in the Digital Age II
Courses offered face-to-face
Meets UK Core- Composition & Communication II (equivalent to CIS/WRD 111)

Communication for the Digital Age focuses on improving students' oral, written, and visual communication skills so they can effectively form and translate technical information in ways that are easily understood by public audiences. In this course, students will both analyze and create materials designed to inform and persuade professionals in fields related to information communication technology. Students will also work individually and in groups to research, create, and present an argument focused on improving the communication of technical information. They will explore issues that align with their professional interests and produce products that use multiple methods (oral, written, or digital) to make an argument. A significant component of the class will involve learning to use visual and digital resources to enhance written and oral presentations.


ICT 150 Experience ICT
Courses offered face-to-face
Meets UK Core- Inquiry in Social Sciences

Through the exploration of social and technological theories related to Information Communication Technology and the evolution and current applications of ICT, students will gain a better understanding of how emerging technologies have led to the need and development of ICT as a discipline; its shared commonalities with other disciplines; its distinct characteristics; its applications in the workplace and personal contexts; and its impact and future implications on individuals, organizations, and societies.


ICT 200 Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
Courses offered online and face-to-face
Meets UK Core- Inquiry in Arts & Creativity

Emphasizing critical inquiry and critical thinking, this course will explore the theories and definitions surrounding the term “information literacy.” Students will put this theory into practice by developing problem-solving skills that allow them to meet information needs throughout their lifetimes. Students will gain a better understanding of how information and knowledge function in society and will discover methods of finding, accessing, evaluating, and using different information sources in an effective and ethical manner.