Degree Requirements

UK's School of Information Science offers online courses that support a variety of careers in Librarianship. Whether you want to work in an academic or public library, a school setting or a non-traditional field, there is an array of courses for you. While a student in the Library Science (LIS) program, you should consult your advisor to select the best courses based on your interests, academic needs, and professional goals. We recommend students check in with their adviser at least once each semester to check their progress and maintain good communication. Areas students can pursue while at UK SIS include academic libraries, health information, information systems, public libraries, school libraries, and special libraries. See Academic Concentrations for more information on each of these areas.

Note: If you matriculated between Spring 2014 and Spring 2017, you will follow the degree requirements from your time of matriculation (for non-school librarian: 4 core courses, 2 Technology, 2 Foundational, and 4 electives). Please contact uklis.student.affairs [at] (subject: Degree%20Requirements) (Student Affairs) if you are unsure of your requirements.

Degree Requirements for LIS Students (Non-School Librarian Program)


Core Courses (all required)

LIS 600 Information in Society

LIS 601 Information Search

LIS 602 Knowledge Organization

LIS 603 Management in Info Orgs


IT Requirement (Choose one)

LIS 636 Foundations of Information Technology

LIS 631 Social Media for Info Organizations

LIS 634 Information Architecture

LIS 638 Internet Technologies & Information Services

LIS 661 Intro to Data Science^

LIS 662 Data Analysis & Visualization^

LIS 665 Intro to Digital Libraries

LIS 668 Information Systems Design

LIS 690 (any special topics IT course)


And Seven Elective Courses for 36 credit hours (see complete course list)

May also do additional IT courses as electives


LIS 695 Independent Study

LIS 672 Practicum*


*LIS 672 may be repeated.

^formerly LIS 690 special topics courses.


School Librarian Degree Requirements

School library students have a seperate degree plan as part of meeting their certification requirements. If you are enrolled as a School Librarian Program student, please visit that program's page for a list of degree requirements and other required documentation.


Expedited Option

Some students in the program may wish to complete their degree in under 2 years by taking above a fulltime course load. We consider these students on an "expedited" path. For more information about what that sort of degree path entails, please see this page.


Concurrent Degrees & Certificates

M.A. students in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at University of Kentucky may opt to pursue a concurrent M.S.L.S. degree. Nine credit hours are shared between two degrees, with the approval of both Directors of Graduate Studies. More information is available on the MCL Graduate Programs website. Students in the master's program or who are considering a graduate certificate program may wish to look into the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication. The certificate is 12 credit hours and focuses on the design of messages in an instructional context. For more information please visit this page.