Independent Study in LIS


Occasionally a student may wish to pursue a topic in the Library Science or Information Science field not covered in their current semester course offerings or which they wish to study in a more in-depth fashion. In these instances, students may opt to complete an independent study, or the LIS 695 course. As with the practicum course, students who want to pursue LIS 695 must complete a contract for approval before we can register them for the course (self-registration is unavailable).

To be eligible for the independent study, a student must have:

  • completed at least 18 semesters hours toward the degree
  • complete the contract and secure permission of the directing faculty member
  • submit the contract to Student Affairs for final approval


Click here for the pdf form version of the current contract for LIS 695.

Please go over and complete the contract with the directing faculty member for the independent study. Your directing faculty member is not required to be your advisor but he/she should be knowledgeable in the area you wish to study and a member of the Library Science faculty. Once completed, please email the contract to uklis.student.affairs [at] (Student Affairs).

Regarding final deliverables for independent studies: Traditionally, an independent study culminates in a research paper. However, we encourage students to pursue a variety of creative final deliverables for their independent study including film, informative websites/blog projects, and resource guides which use multimedia content.