Vision, Mission and Objectives

  Adopted as of Fall 2016.



Empowered by information.
Transformed by learning.
Driven by research.



We are a community of scholars, educators, and advisors who prepare information professionals to be leaders and change agents in meeting the needs of a diverse and evolving society.


Program Goals for Library Science

  • To develop further an inclusive culture that fosters effective research, teaching, and learning.
  • To produce competent information professionals who can facilitate the flow of information in a rapidly changing society
  • To recruit, develop, support, and retain a diverse, talented and promising body of faculty, staff, and students


Instructional Objectives for the LIS Master's Program

Upon completion of the Master’s program in Library Science, graduates will:

  • Describe how communities & individuals interact with/in information ecosystems  
  • Analyze the major tenets of information practice and apply them in multiple contexts
  • Connect diverse communities & individuals with appropriate resources
  • Explain the dependence of information retrieval on the organization of information.