Title IV Policy

Federal Regulation Regarding Disbursement of Federal Financial Aid Funds (Title IV)
Policy for Confirming Student Enrollment and Engagement in Courses

Federal regulation mandates that federal financial aid funds (Title IV) may only be disbursed to students who are actually enrolled and engaged in coursework. This regulation mandates that institutions provide evidence of engagement early in each semester. Failure to provide evidence includes sizeable fees and fines.

To comply with this mandate, all instructors of undergraduate and graduate courses (including lab sections, online courses, internships, independent studies, and research credits) in the School of Information Science will be required to confirm student attendance or engagement in classes during the two-week period following the last day to add a class for the semester. 


Student Responsibilty

In order to meet federal regulations, instructors will monitor student participation in their classes through attendance or assignments. Students who miss class periods or assignments during the first three weeks of the semester may be dropped from the course.

If you will be missing a class period or will not be submitting some assignment during that period, it is your responsibility to notify the instructor, even if the absence or missed assignment is not excused under university rules.


More Information

For additonal information on how academic participation effects federal aid eligibility, please see the Reasonable Academic Progress section at the UK Financial Aid website.