As renowned minister fights two tough diseases, journalist chronicles his journey

A well-known Kentucky pastor is nearing the end of his battle with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Laura Ungar, health writer for The Courier-Journal, has been chronicling Charles Music’s fight since 2005.

In her latest installment, Ungar speaks to Music’s wife of 51 years, Jane, who remains his loving caregiver at his Texas nursing home. Jane recently returned from a trip to Central Asia to visit her daughter, “a part of a life course that Jane, 73, must now chart for herself … She’s focusing on her roles as mother, grandmother and friend so she doesn’t lose herself as she loses Charles,” Ungar writes.
During his lifetime, Music pastored at Methodist churches in many rural Kentucky towns before settling in Louisville. Ungar’s piece provides a good example of how to write sensitively and informatively about life-ending conditions. (Read more)
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