Fort Campbell soldier who went AWOL, and says his Kentucky PTSD treatment was inadequate, is set to return to Afghanistan

A Fort Campbell-based soldier who went absent without leave because of alleged post-traumatic stress disorder will return to finish his tour in Afghanistan.

“My family doesn’t want me to go, but I am not disobeying a command order,” Spc. Jeff Hanks, 30, told Kristin M. Hall of The Associated Press. Hanks, right, said his mental health issues date back to a 2008 deployment in Iraq. Last year, he spent six months in Afghanistan, during which he sustained a concussion when a mortar landed near him. Since turning himself in on Nov. 11, 2010, he said he has been treated for nightmares and headaches and was told to get counseling when re-deployed. Hanks told the AP he does not feel his PTSD has been treated adequately.

Hanks, a married father from North Carolina, said he will likely serve another four months in the country to complete his one-year tour. He has committed to serve in the Army another two and a half years. A Fort Campbell spokeswoman told the AP that Hanks is scheduled to re-deploy in the coming days. (Read more)

Hanks was deployed overseas in May 2010 and did not return after a mid-tour leave in October, reports Jake Lowary of The Leaf-Chronicle in Clarksville, Tenn. After turning himself in on Veterans Day, the Army opted to send Hanks for treatment at a facility in Hopkinsville, Ky., rather than send him back to Afghanistan. (Read more)

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