Bowling Green commission gives final passage to smoking ban

The Bowling Green City Commission gave second reading and final passage last night to a smoking ban that will apply to all indoor public places except “nursing homes, exclusive tobacco retailers and private clubs where membership is required,” Andrew Robinson reports for the Bowling Green Daily News.

As on first reading, the vote at the special meeting was 3-2 and was prefaced by complaints that the measure was being rushed through because Mayor Elaine Walker will become Kentucky secretary of state on Saturday. The commission is expected to name one of its own as interim mayor then appoint someone to fill that vacancy.

Walker said she had planned to put the ban on the commission agenda next month. Its sponsor, Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash, said, “This has been an issue since it was first introduced to this community in 2007. I don’t believe that anyone’s opinion would change given another seven days on this issue, or given another seven months.” The ban will take effect in 90 days. (Read more)

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