Jobs increasing in health services industry

Though Kentucky has been hit hard by the recession, certain industries, including health care, are hiring. State unemployment trends show educational and health services have grown 20.5 percent since 2001.

“With the population maturing β€” not just in Kentucky and in Fayette County but elsewhere β€” you’re going to continue to see health care as a growing industry,” said Ron Crouch, director of research and statistics for the state Office of Employment and Training.
The Lexington Herald-Leader’s Scott Sloan reports all of Lexington’s hospitals are expanding and large, flourishing companies like ACS and Pacific Pulmonary “are capitalizing on service related to health care.”
Professional and business services also grew β€” up 15.2 percent between 2001 and the second quarter of 2010. Toyota has resumed hiring, Cincinnati-based grocery Kroger is growing and technology companies are creating more jobs. (Read more)
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