Monthly magazine for children in K-3 promotes healthy lifestyles

Every Kentucky student in kindergarten to third grades is getting a free subscription to Fit4Fun, a reader that, through entertaining means, encourages children to lead healthy lifestyles.

The publication is a joint effort of Wordsworth Publishing Group and the Kentucky Children’s Health & Fitness Fund. Though an agreement with the state Department of Education, it is distributed to all 797 public elementary schools and kindergartens in the state.
“We believe every child can grow up happy, healthy and productive,” said Jan Winter, founder and president of Wordsworth. “We want children to learn to make all kinds of smart decisions, and we partner with parents and schools to make sure they get consistent messages.” The publication is supported by donations and sponsorships.
Each issue, which has 32 to 40 pages, features content that encourages imagination, playing, learning and growing. The playing component focuses on “fitness for life” and the growing component teaches children about nutrition and food awareness. Topics covered include dental health, science and technology careers, bike safety, diversity, scientific method, Kentucky history and facts and responsible media consumption.
The online version is free and the website features a teacher’s guide with plans to help with instruction.
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