Red wine, dark chocolate make for heart-healthy Valentine’s

Those seeking to stay heart healthy even on the most romantic day of the year won’t have to look much farther than the wine rack, scientific research source Newswise reports. Experts from the Loyola University Health System have found red wines like Pinots and merlots all contain a healthy amount of catechins, which help improve “good” HDL cholesterol.
Dark chocolate with a 70 percent-plus cocoa content is likewise heart friendly, thanks to its resveratrol, which helps lower blood sugar. “You are not even choosing between the lesser of two evils, red wine and dark chocolate have positive components that are actually good for your heart,” said Susan Ofria, clinical nutrition manager at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.
In honor of National Heart-Healthy Month, which is being celebrated this month, Ofria also recommends eating: salmon or tuna; flax seeds; oatmeal; black or kidney beans; walnuts and almonds; and blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries. (Read more)
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