Madisonville hospital earns national award for program that helps pregnant women maintain, improve oral health

For its work in improving oral health in prenatal patients, the Center for Women’s Health at Trover Health System in Madisonville has received a national award.

The William J. Gies Award for Outstanding Innovation is given to individuals and organizations dedicated to improving dental education, research and leadership. Trover Health System’s program “Centering Pregnancy Smiles” focuses on educating women about the importance of maintaining their oral health while pregnant.
“Women may mistakenly think they can skip dental care when pregnant. However, now more than ever, regular oral health check-ups are very important,” said LeAnn Todd-Langston, director of the Center for Women’s Health. “Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that put women at increased risk of dental disease. Some studies even suggest that infections in the mouth, including gingivitis and cavities, may increase the risk of delivering early. Additionally, some studies have shown that the bacteria responsible for tooth decay are passed from the mother to the baby. By incorporating oral health education into the care our prenatal patients receive, we have been able to reduce the number of preterm and low birth-weight births at Trover.” (Read more)
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