Groups try education to allay confusion about health reform

Though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act celebrates its first birthday today, most Americans admit they are still largely confused by what its provisions will mean for them. To help increase understanding, many organizations are launching or expanding their educational efforts.

Kentucky Voices for Health has put together a brief, right, to promote understanding, addressing a range of issues from pre-existing conditions to Medicare drug donut holes. It outlines what provisions will take effect when, answers other commonly asked questions, and looks at how the new law will benefit Kentuckians.
The group, which does not lobby but comprises organizations that do, has also issued statements on how the new law protects small business, seniors, patients’ rights and protecting women.
The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati has launched a public education effort, FOX19‘s Matt Miller reports. “Sections of the Affordable Care Act have already begun to take effect and the community needs information,” said Kate Keller, foundation senior program officer. “We want to help people understand changes coming and new benefits for which they may be eligible.”
The foundation will distribute informational pamphlets through community organizations and will feature a website about the new law. (Read more)
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