Conway joins fight against fruity, high-proof malt beverage

Contending it promotes binge drinking in young adults, Attorney General Jack Conway has joined the fight against a fruit-flavored malt beverage made by Pabst Brewing Co.

Conway is one of 17 attorneys general asking the company to stop marketing Blast by Colt 45 to youth. The drink, which comes in a 23.5-ounce can, has an alcohol concentration of 12 percent, or 24 proof. Each can has the equivalent of five servings of alcohol. The drink comes in flavors like blueberry-pomegranate, strawberry lemonade and raspberry-watermelon.
Conway said Blast poses “a serious health and safety risk” for youth. The attorneys general have asked that the alcohol content be lowered. Pabst has not responded. (Read more)
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