Watching 3-D movies may strain eyes but doesn’t harm them and can help detect vision impairment, optometrists say

With summer blockbusters set to be released in the coming months, the Kentucky Optometric Association says watching 3-D movies is not harmful to eyes, but can cause eye strain and headaches.

To help with those conditions, the association recommends sitting farther back from the movie screen.
In some cases, some viewers won’t be able to recognize 3-D pictures because they lack binocular vision. “Although this doesn’t pose any problem viewing the screen, it serves as a vision screening that something is abnormal with the viewer’s binocular vision,” the association says in a news release used by the Journal-Enterprise of Providence.
“That means 3-D actually has a benefit,” said Dr. Joe Ellis, an optometrist in Benton and president of the optometric association. “It can alert people to undetected vision disorders and eye diseases that, if caught early, are fully treatable.”
Viewers might consider seeing an optometrist or ophthalmologist if they get headaches while watching 3-D, if they feel nauseous or dizzy after viewing or if it is difficult for their eyes to adjust back to normal after viewing. (Read more)
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