CDC hands out $49 million in public health grants; Kentucky gets more than $800k

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued $49 million in grants to improve public health, $815,000 of which is earmarked for Kentucky.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services will use the funds to expand its epidemiology, lab and health information systems and to detect and prevent healthcare associated infections. Each year, about 100,000 people die nationwide because of these infections, which are often acquired in hospital settings. The funds are meant to help states coordinate HAI prevention, implement multi-facility prevention efforts, improve monitoring of antimicrobial use and enhance electronic reporting.
Every state in the country will receive a portion of the $49 million pot, which is double the size that was handed out in 2010. “This funding will be used to create jobs, enabling the hiring and training of epidemiologists, laboratory scientists and health information specialists in the field of infectious diseases,” said Thomas Frieden, director at the CDC. “These grants will also make it easier for health departments to better manage and exchange important information.” (Read more)
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