Judge to decide if health board’s smoking ban will stand in Bullitt County, as one did in Hopkins County

Whether the Bullitt County Board of Health had the authority to pass a countywide smoking ban is in the hands of Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress, who heard from the board and representatives of the Fiscal Court objecting to the move Thursday.
In March, the Board of Health passed a ban that would prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and all public places, including some that are outside. It was supposed to go into effect in September.
But attorneys representing the Bullitt Fiscal Court said the health board has “overstepped its authority by enacting a policy that should have been handed down by a legislative body, such as a city council or Fiscal Court,” The Courier-Journal‘s Charlie White reports.
Margaret Miller, who is helping to represent the board of health, cited the Kentucky statute, which gives boards of health the authority to adopt, implement and enforce regulations to protect people’s health.
The Bullitt County Board of Health is not the first in Kentucky to enact such a ban. Health boards in Woodford, Hopkins, Madison and Clark counties did likewise. The move in Hopkins County did result in a legal battle, but the judge sided with the health department and the ruling was not appealed. (Read more)
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